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Mommy Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologist and mother of four, Heidi Hanks, says, "The reason I named this blog In her "Mommy Speech Therapy" is because as parents we have the greatest impact on our children"s language development. No one can make a bigger difference than you!" This realization first came to her in 2007 while working with families in her private practice. Hanks created the blog as a way to provide resources for parents to "supplement therapy practice at home."

Although Hanks had her own clients in mind when constructing the blog, it soon became popular with other families and speech therapists. Considering the breadth of materials available on the site, it is no surprise how it has gained admiration. The worksheet link includes free PDF downloadable pages, which include a development chart, several articulation and phonology forms, and numerous worksheets for vowel and consonant sounds. Often blog posts coincide with the use of each sheet. Looking for other helpful links? You"ll find a lengthy list of them on this blog! On the "Inspiration!" page readers have the opportunity to post thoughts, questions, and details of their own successes. Hanks and her speech pathologist colleague, April Vogt, strive to maintain a dialogue with the readers of "Mommy Speech Therapy," so when projects keep them from responding, they will temporarily close posts.

Even though not designed specifically for deaf or hard-of-hearing children, Hank"s blog delves into issues helpful for those who have children with a hearing loss. Aside from the obvious instruction on how to teach the proper pronunciation of sounds, Hanks and Vogt touch on issues such as cochlear implants, the special education process, response to intervention in schools, and sign language.

Separate from the blog, Hanks also has a company website located at to "to inform parents and speech language pathologists about our apps for improving speech." One such app is "Articulation Station." It is a user-friendly and brings fun into the speech therapy process. People can download a free preview, which includes the "p" sound. The remaining sounds may be purchased individually and range from .99 to $5.99. Purchasers can save 18% if "Articulation Station" is bought as a whole.

As mothers and speech pathologists, Hanks and Vogt understand the impact parents have on their children"s success. Both of these mothers have poured their hearts into "Mommy Speech Therapy" in order to increase the learning opportunities and triumph of all children with speech difficulties. The blog provides tools to promote progress and encouragement to parents on the often trying journey towards improved speech.

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